Across the Sea 2024: empowering youth to protect the Mediterranean Sea

In its 2024 edition, the Across the Sea final conference will bring together young decision makers from all over the Mediterranean to discuss the challenges faced by the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

Across the sea logo
Learn more about this initiative aimed at creating a pool of young decision makers from all over the Mediterranean! Photo: Across the Sea.

Across the Sea is a movement born in 2023 aimed at promoting integration among the younger generations of the Mediterranean, fostering a strong sense of belonging to the Mediterranean Sea as a bridge connecting cultures, values, and traditions. Across the Sea aims to involve young people from all the countries of the Mediterranean and train them on current environmental and social issues facing the region.

The 2024 edition of the project focuses on the theme of water: the Mediterranean Sea is a crucial geographic region for biodiversity and the economy but is increasingly threatened by marine pollution and climate change. The project aims equip representatives of local organisations from the entire region with tools and support to create actions with a strong impact on the territory to raise awareness on the topic of water, specifically marine and coastal pollution.

These efforts are culminating with a final conference taking place from 3 to 6 June in Genoa (Italy). The event provides a holistic view on the key issues for the region, also featuring interventions on migration, forests, and sustainable finance, in addition to the focus on coastal and marine pollution. The event will provide a space for dialogue between young people to preserve this precious natural resource and to guide Mediterranean communities towards concrete actions with a positive environmental impact.

Learn more about the 2024 edition!

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