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Sustainable forest management addresses forest degradation and deforestation while producing goods and services, increasing climate resilience, as well as ecosystem benefits, to the environment and human populations.1 Growth and change in Mediterranean forests has been closely tied to human use for hundreds of years: integrated and sustainable forest management has the potential to increase the productive capacity and protect the environmental health of these important ecosystems.

Cork forest

Supporting cork oak forests in tackling climate change

The Catalan Cork Institute Foundation is starting a demonstration project "Dissemination of new cork oak forest management techniques to improve its productivity...

Explore forest genetics in the third MFRA 2030 webinar

We’re halfway through our series of four weekly webinars in preparation for the EFI Mediterranean Network Forum 2022! On...
Catalan forest

CTFC is looking for a researcher on Natural Resources and Rural Economics

Reference: 22-11-00005 The Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) is looking for a Postdoc researcher to join...

Promoting forestry associations for better forest management and the enhancement of carbon sinks

Forests are key allies in the fight against the climate crisis. To maximise the benefits and services of forests, it is necessary...
Catalan Forest

New webinar on carbon footprint in afforestation

The organisation Foro de Bosques y Cambio Climático is hosting various events to raise awareness of the role that forests play in...

MFRA 2030 webinar series kicks off with a focus on forest ecosystem services

The webinars series in preparation for the for the EFI Mediterranean Network Forum 2022 is about to start! From...
Pine cones

Rapid ecological assessment for post-fire restoration in low altitude forests and shrublands

The Mediterranean Basin is a biogeography shaped by fires for millions of years. For the restoration of burned areas in the Mediterranean...
Forest Value Final Conference

ForestValue Final Conference

The ForestValue Research Programme Final Conference was held at the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid on 28-29 of September 2022. The seminar...

International conference on the adaptation of forests to climate change

Silvadapt.net, a Spanish network of universities and research institutes from the whole country working on adaptive silviculture, will host the International Conference...
Global assessment of forest education

New global assessment of forest education

Education is essential for safeguarding natural resources, including forests, for future generations. This is one of the key messages of a new...



New handbook on adaptive and close-to-nature forest management

A new handbook titled “Adaptive and close-to-nature management in mixed sub-humid Mediterranean forests: holm oak, chestnut, common oak and pine woods” has...