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Sustainable forest management addresses forest degradation and deforestation while producing goods and services, increasing climate resilience, as well as ecosystem benefits, to the environment and human populations.1 Growth and change in Mediterranean forests has been closely tied to human use for hundreds of years: integrated and sustainable forest management has the potential to increase the productive capacity and protect the environmental health of these important ecosystems.

Photo: Universitat Politècnica de València

Special Issue “Adaptive Forest Management to Climatic Change”

Current forest management schemes may be considered suitable for adapting some forests, but new approaches are required for situations where future ecological...
Photo: David Mark / Pixabay

Forest and Landscape Restoration in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is a key area for the implementation of practices aimed at restoring forest landscapes (Forest Landscape Restoration, FLR). Some FLR...
Photo: Jim Semonik / Pixabay

Sustainable Forestry: Insights & views from the Mediterranean

The fourth webinar in the Forum Synergies Sustainable Forestry series brings together experts from the Mediterranean to complete the picture on the...
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New protocol for standing timber quality assessment of valuable broadleaves

The Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) has published a technical guide to facilitate assessment of standing timber quality and...
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Managing stand structure to restore mixed oak-dominated forests for biodiversity conservation

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is offering an open PhD position on Managing stand structure to restore mixed oak-dominated forests...
Drone for seed dispersal in Tarragona.

“Powerful Seeds” wins 1st place conservation tech prize for reforestation project

Dronecoria, founded by Lot Amorós of Elche, Spain, is applying drone technology for dispersion of pelletized seeds for reforestation. He and his...
Planting seedlings; natural strong species are planted in the forestry areas by local people.

Forest and Landscape Restoration Practices in the Mediterranean

Medforval and Istituto Oikos have just published a new survey on Forest and Landscape Restoration Practices (FLR) in the Mediterranean describing 8...
natural forest expansion on a hill in france

Growing forests: What benefits does natural forest expansion offer to society?

Forests in Europe are expanding. Despite headlines highlighting threats to forests and their ecosystems, like deforestation and natural disturbances due to the...

Life BIORGEST project enhances biodiversity through sustainable forest management

Sustainable forest management is a key tool for improving forest resilience in the face of climate change, and can also play a...

Forests in Women’s Hands

Connecting women in forestry is the central theme of the international networking event, International Conference on Women in Forestry, hosted by the...



Silvopasture policy promotion in European Mediterranean areas

A recent study carried out in the European Mediterranean areas highlights that silvopasture is an important practice across the Mediterranean region where...