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Forest loss and degradation can lead to soil erosion by wind and water, and even to the desertification of entire areas – a phenomenon hastened by climate change. Sustainable forest management and restoration can protect soil from erosion, provide windbreaks to prevent desertification, and regenerate degraded areas with new forest growth and plantations.

Youth Forum of the International Soil Congress

17-19 June 2019 in Ankara, Turkey. 2019 is an important year, as it marks the 25th year (1994-2019) since the adoption of the Convention on...

‘Pampered’ trees are the most vulnerable to drought

Article originally posted on the CREAF blog. Severe droughts are one of the main threats to forests all over the world. Climate change has made...



Wildfire risk planning and prevention: innovations in the Mediterranean and beyond

Wildfires, a natural part of ecosystems, pose significant environmental and socio-economic risks due to climate change and their destructive impact on local populations. Traditionally,...