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Ten years have passed since the formulation of the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda 2011-2020 (MFRA 2020). The new knowledge generated over the past decade by a vibrant research community has revealed new questions and uncovered critical gaps that remain in our knowledge of the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, climate and social change are rapidly transforming the underpinnings of the complex social ecological systems at work in the Mediterranean, shaking the foundations of our research and innovation priorities.

Now is the opportune moment to review the achievements we have made in the last 10 years and to agree on new shared priorities for research, and translating this research to action; on the precipice of the next decade of increasingly urgent work, we can together navigate the uncertain and not totally familiar waters of global change.

Read the previous MFRA 2020 here. 



Results of the MFRA 2020

As we close the chapter on the MFRA 2020, and look forward to a new MFRA 2030, we have also sought to identify the most important research, significant breakthroughs and innovations that were completed within each thematic area over the past decade. We engaged the EFIMED network and the broader Mediterranean community to reflect on how far the objectives of MFRA 2010-2020 have been met.


Aims of the MFRA 2030

Constructing the MFRA2030 is a collective effort, open to the participation of researchers, policy makers, stakeholders, and other experts from across the EFIMED network, and the Mediterranean forest related community at large. We seek contributions from and about Southern Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa, as well as from other Mediterranean climate areas.



Webinar Series

To build a dialogue on the priorities of the new MFRA 2021-2030, we will be hosting several online or hybrid seminars with Mediterranean experts throughout 2021. Preeminent experts will present high-level review of each of the four MFRA-2020 themes, highlighting critical gaps and laying the groundwork for fruitful future research supported by the MFRA 2030


Join the Network

EFIMED’s Mediterranean network engages forest researchers, practitioners, policy makers and entrepreneurs from across the Mediterranean who wish to connect, collaborate, and exchange knowledge. Help us expand our network by adding your voice to the new MFRA 2030!





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