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Scientists, foresters, and policymakers all play a role in forest governance, which refers to forest planning and management approaches and principles on a local, regional and international scale. Key elements in Mediterranean forest governance emphasise sustainable management, bioeconomy processes, and rural development.

PEFC continues to lead forestry certification in Spain with growth in 2022

PEFC forest certification continues to grow in a strong and steady trend towards forest sustainability driven by all sectors and policy frameworks....

Tragsatec is hiring young professionals to support the EU Spanish presidency in 2023

The Spanish public company Tragsatec is looking for 6 graduates with an official master's degree to provide technical assistance and support to...
Mountain and forest

New EU Commission call for a Forest and Forestry Stakeholder Platform

The EU Forest Strategy for 2030 has the goal to establish a new forest governance framework in the European Union. Given...
Urban forestry in Milan.

Unlocking the Potential of Urban Forests: Developing a Local Urban Forestry Action Plan

Urban forests are crucial contributors to greener, healthier, more resilient and liveable cities. They provide an efficient nature-based solution to many environmental...
Mediterranean Youth Task Force 2023 Board

Meet the first board of the Mediterranean Youth Task Force!

Silva Mediterranea’s Mediterranean Youth Task Force (MYTF) elected its first board of coordinators for the year 2023, in a completely democratic and...
Edinburgh and its green surroundings

Have your say on social innovations and the impact of the Covid19 emergency

The iDEAL project (iDEAL - The Impact of Digital tEchnologies on sociAL innovations during the Covid19 crisis), is a scientific collaboration between...
urban forest

What are the main challenges faced by the urban forestry sector in Europe?

The “Blueprint for Innovation in Urban Forestry” produced by Uforest provides a comprehensive overview of the main challenges faced by the European...

Sign up for the final MFRA 2030 webinar on forest-based bioeconomy

Over the past three weeks, a series of weekly webinars delved into the main themes of the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda (MFRA)...
Catalan forest

CTFC is looking for a researcher on Natural Resources and Rural Economics

Reference: 22-11-00005 The Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) is looking for a Postdoc researcher to join...

Register now for the Youth Forest Policy Days

FOREST EUROPE and the International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA) are organising the Youth Forest Policy Days (YFPD) to enable the youth community...



New global report confirms that forests reduce health risks

The global scientific evidence of the multiple types of benefits that forests, trees and green spaces have on human health has now...