Due to sometimes centuries of degradation, some areas require concerted efforts to replant, re-diversify, and restore the health of forest ecosystems, while adapting them to new conditions brought by global changes. Improving the integrity of forest goods and services in the Mediterranean can also promote rural development and continued sustainable management.

Handbook of good practices in post-wildfire management

How can post-fire salvage logging be more sustainable? In this second edition of their handbook, Eduard Mauri and Pere Pons present a...

Upscaling forest and landscape restoration to meet the Paris goals

The FAO Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism is implementing the project “The Paris Agreement in action: Upscaling forest and landscape restoration to...

Mediterranean forest area on the rise but increasingly in jeopardy

The Mediterranean forest area has increased by two percent between 2010 and 2015, resulting in a rise of 1.8 million hectares - about the...



New guide on the uses of valuable broadleaves timber in Catalonia

Valuable broadleaves are tree species whose wood may reach superb technical and aesthetic properties. Oak, walnut, cherry, maple or ash are examples...