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Recreation and health

Forest areas are valued for their role in recreation and leisure, providing a space for people to connect with nature and spend time outdoors. Forests also provide public health benefits to both rural and urban populations.

New global report confirms that forests reduce health risks

The global scientific evidence of the multiple types of benefits that forests, trees and green spaces have on human health has now...
From Trees to Wellness: How Forests Benefit Our Mind and Body

From Trees to Wellness: How Forests Benefit Our Mind and Body

Celebrate the International Day of Forests of 2023 joining the innovation masterclass "From Trees to Wellness: How Forests Benefit Our Mind and...

IUFRO’s Expert Panel on Forests and Human Health 2023

There is growing evidence that nature and in particular forests contribute to physical and mental well-being and can significantly improve human health.
Man in a forest

Taking Green Care to the next level: the final Green4C event

The Green4C (GreenForCare) project, co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, will organise its final virtual event on 7 December. The aim...
Camino de Santiago

Mountains and their sustainable management are leading aspects of the Way of St James

PEFC Galicia, the Galician Association for the Promotion of Forest Certification, presented its "PEFC on the French Way" project - an initiative...
Etifor Hackatons

Green4C Hackathons: a true Green Care contest!

The Green4C project has organised 6 hackathons to address different Green Care challenges. The hackathons are sprint-like events where participants team up...
Kids in Bosquescuela

Bosquescuela: what’s new this autumn!

Just as trees and nature now change colour in preparation for autumn, the Bosquescuela website has also received a new coat of...
Children at Bosquescuela

Bosquescuela: back to school…in nature!

It has been a hot summer in Barcelona, but it didn't stop Bosquescuela from continuing to work on its projects! Bosquescuela had...
Children playing in a tree

The benefits of learning in nature: Bosquescuela schools in Collserola and Serralada de Marina

This article is part of a series of stories with the aim of introducing the audience to the concept of "Bosquescuela" (forest...

Bosquescuela: grow and learn in and from nature!

Playing outside while learning for life! What is already practiced in Bosquescuela Cerceda (Madrid, Spain) is being planned for two places in...



Effects of climate change on Greek forests: a review

A new study by the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems (IMFE) in Greece focuses on climate change and extreme weather outcomes in...