Ecosystem services

Ecosystem services are the “benefits people obtain from ecosystems”1 or “nature’s contribution to people.”2 Managing forests with a focus on ecosystem services presents new opportunities to preserve services like carbon sequestration and soil protection, as well as valuing and protecting intangible benefits provided by forest ecosystems, including recreation, health and cultural services.

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FAO Forestry @ World Water Week

FAO Forestry will co-convene three sessions in the World Water Week on forests and water, building on the theme of the week...
LUKE vacancy-soil

Vacancy: Postdoctoral researcher on modelling of forest soil processes

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) has an open position for a research scientist/ postdoctoral researcher in a multidisciplinary research group, which develops...

Bosques Algo Más conference to convene in Pamplona

The Forestry Association of Navarra, Foresna-Zurgaia, will celebrate the IV edition of the Bosques Algo Más conference on October 7 2021.
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Share your insights on the EU Mission on Soil Health and Food

The EU has set 5 missions for the future of the EU. These missions are commitments to solve some of the greatest...

Payments for environmental services: what is good practice?

Payments for environmental services (PES)—also known as “payments for ecosystem services”— have become increasingly popular worldwide over the last two decades. However,...

Have your say in the Urban Green Care survey!

The European Forest Institute (EFI), ETIFOR and the University of British Columbia launched a survey on a Market Outlook on Urban Green...
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New project focuses on management, modelling and monitoring for European forest soils

Soils are increasingly recognised to have an important role, both for human wellbeing and for the global climate. There are clear benefits...

Advancing innovation and entrepreneurship in Green Care sector

Human societies, economies and cultures are embedded in nature and depend on nature for their sustenance and well-being. Moreover, experiencing and connecting...

A Tree Awakening – EU Green Week partner event 2021

The City of Ljubljana, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) and the Brussels Capital Region have all recently been awarded Tree Cities of...
Photo: Luigi Torreggiani. A stitched panoramic drone image showing the aftermath of the mudslide in Sierra Leone that claimed more than 400 lives.

International Conference on Soil, Bio- and Eco-Engineering 2021

The 5th International Conference on Soil, Bio- and Eco-Engineering SBEE 2021 will be held from June 19th – June 25th 2021 in Bern, Switzerland and...



What do the urban foresters of tomorrow need?

Urban forests represent an efficient solution to two of the most concerning trends of our time: urbanisation and climate change. However, their...