Throughout history, forests in the Mediterranean region have been closely tied to human livelihoods, while being inextricable from local identity and culture. Ecosystem services can include these intangible factors, which are preserved through local knowledge and traditions, protected areas and cultural heritage sites.

Sacred forest in Greece

From religion to conservation: Greek community guards sacred forest for over 300 years

Sacred forests are wooded areas with spiritual significance for people and rural communities. They represent places of worship and commemorations, where natural...
A cross carved into a tree trunk

When nature meets the divine: Religious rules protect sacred forests

Sacred forests are found all over the world; they are not restricted to any religion or belief system. They are wooded areas...

INHERIT project: towards a sustainable future for tourism and natural heritage

The International Association of Mediterranean Forests (IAMF) and its 14 partners have recently announced the implementation of the Interreg MED INHERIT project...

Ancient Woodlands and Trees: A Guide for Landscape Planners and Forest Managers

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Effects of climate change on Greek forests: a review

A new study by the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems (IMFE) in Greece focuses on climate change and extreme weather outcomes in...