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Rural development

While much of the economy prioritises urban areas, the bioeconomy concept elevates the resources of rural areas, focusing on forest and agricultural sectors. Through regional innovations and collaborations, the bioeconomy holds significant potential for investment that could reinvigorate rural Mediterranean landscapes.

The open, semi-arid forests of Iran’s Zagros region

Have your forest, and (your livestock) eat it too

Forest may not be the first image that springs to mind when visualising the Iranian landscape. Yet, the open, semi-arid forests of Iran’s...

Regional collaboration is the key to Europe’s bioeconomy

Europe’s rural regions face a triple threat: how to adapt to climate change, protect biodiversity, and still provide for human needs—in rural, as well...

Bioregions Forum 2018

13 November, 2018, Barcelona, Spain. The bioeconomy takes different shapes in different regions through innovative and tailored combination of biomass production and processing capacities, agro-ecological...



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