Get your solutions out of the drawer and make a difference with the EU-FarmBook!

The EU-FarmBook platform invites contributors from Horizon Europe projects in forestry and agriculture to upload practical solutions, bridging research and practice gaps. Register, upload materials, and help impact farmers, foresters, and rural advisors across Europe.

EU-FarmBook asking for contributors.
The EU-FarmBook is ready for contributors and will soon be available to all users. Make sure your research projects reach everyone!

Are you involved in a Horizon Europe project in the field of forestry and agriculture? Are your ideas and solutions ready to see the light and change the world, positively impacting people’s lives in a revolutionary manner? What if these solutions do not properly reach the farmers, foresters, advisors, and other rural actors across Europe who need them the most? Now is the perfect time to make a difference with the EU-FarmBook Platform!

After many years of hard work, the time has come when every EU project wants to make available to stakeholders and the public all the knowledge and practical solutions that can be applied in the field. To support the immediate needs of farmers and foresters, the EU-FarmBook is now ready for contributions and will soon be available to all users.

The aim of the platform is to collect practical materials from all multi-actor R&I projects, provided by contributors (project coordinators or partners), to bridge the gap between research and practice. This will ensure that their achievements can reach everyone and have a positive impact on their lives.

We encourage you to start uploading the practical outcomes of your project by following these steps:

The success of EU-FarmBook depends on your collaboration!

  • Explore all the features and benefits of the EU-FarmBook platform.
  • Discover more about the Knowledge Flows in EU-FarmBook, the types of practice-oriented materials that can be uploaded on the platform, and who can contribute here.

▶️ Watch the latest online training sessions on Youtube about:

  • Manual Upload: Learn how to upload practice-oriented materials step-by-step, via the online upload form.
  • API Connection: Establishing conditions for interoperability with under-development, new and existing regional, national, and sector-level online knowledge reservoirs.
  • API integration: Establishing conditions for interoperability with existing and new Horizon project platforms.

Individually you can go faster. Together we can go further.
Let’s cultivate knowledge together

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EU-FarmBook is a project funded by the Horizon Europe programme that is building an online platform to gather agriculture and forestry knowledge.