International symposium on Mediterranean stone pine

The event will take place in İzmir, Türkiye, from 26 to 28 September 2024.

Source: International Symposium on Mediterranean stone pine

The stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) is one of the most characteristic tree species in the Mediterranean Basin due to its high economic value and the consumption of its seeds as a nut. The pine nut, the edible kernel of the Mediterranean stone pine, is one of the most valuable nuts in market. Stone pine fields have suffered from low cone-seed yield in recent years. There has been a decrease in productivity in the entire Mediterranean Basin, especially in Portugal, Spain, Türkiye, Lebanon and Italy. It is predicted that there may be a further decrease in cone-seed yield in Mediterranean Basin stone pines due to climate change, disease and pests and environmental factors.

The Kozak Basin (Bergama-İzmir) has the largest stone pine forests in Türkiye and it is known to be the most important pine nut production and trade center. There has been a significant decrease in pine nut production recently in the Kozak Basin. The ecosystem created by stone pines in the Kozak Basin has its own unique features. Bergama-Kozak pine nuts received Geographical Indication Protection in 2011. The Kozak Basin has also experienced dramatic decreases in cone-seed yield, as has the Mediterranean basin in recent years. Invasive species such as Leptoglossus occidentalis, mining activities and climate change considered among main ecological threats affecting these versatile stone pine ecosystems.

In this context, the International Symposium on Mediterranean Stone Pine (Pinus pinea L.) in the Context of the Decline of Nut Production (StonePine 2023) aims at bringing together the researchers, producers, representatives of pine nut industry and cooperatives and other interest groups in order to gather the current knowledge and to discuss its actual challenges in the context of in Pinus pinea nut yield.

We are inviting everyone interested to join us for the upcoming international symposium StonePine 2024. The symposium will be hosted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the coordination of the Foresters’ Association of Türkiye. StonePine 2024 will be held between 26 and 28 September 2024 in İzmir, located in the western part of Türkiye.

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SOURCEInternational Symposium on Mediterranean stone pine
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