ResAlliance integrates with EU-FarmBook to boost landscape resilience knowledge sharing 

The EU project ResAlliance pioneers an API integration with EU-FarmBook, making its factsheets on landscape resilience easily accessible online and setting a new standard for EU-funded projects


The EU-funded project ResAlliance, dedicated to increasing knowledge flow, skills, and innovation in landscape resilience with a focus on Mediterranean countries, aims to support farmers, foresters, and stakeholders in combating climate change and mitigating its effects. Recently, the project unveiled the first 24 of its planned 120 factsheets, which are now available on its website. These factsheets cover a range of best practices and case studies on crucial topics like wildfires and droughts, featuring innovative approaches such as crop rotation in Tunisia, water conservation in Greece, wildfire prevention in Tuscany, and remote sensing of mountain grazing in Portugal. 

ResAlliance has set a precedent by becoming the first initiative to harness the collaborative power of the EU-FarmBook platform through an innovative API integration. This synergy allows ResAlliance materials uploaded into the EU-FarmBook platform to be seamlessly accessible via the project’s own website, encouraging other European projects to follow suit. 

Benefits of EU-FarmBook Integration

The integration with EU-FarmBook, an interactive, multilingual platform designed to meet the needs of agricultural and forestry communities, represents a significant advancement in the digital exchange of knowledge. By adhering to the FAIR data principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable), EU-FarmBook offers a comprehensive repository of practical knowledge, ensuring long-term storage, thereby alleviating concerns regarding self-archiving. Moreover, although materials can be made accessible from project websites via the API, they are also directly accessible from the platform itself, which has a growing community of forestry and agriculture practitioners. This makes EU-FarmBook an invaluable resource for stakeholders across Europe. 

This collaboration highlights how EU-funded projects can improve the dissemination and longevity of their outputs. By using an API—an Application Programming Interface that acts as a bridge for communication between different software systems—IT specialists and EU-FarmBook’s technical support have ensured that ResAlliance’s valuable insights and innovations are easily accessible. This seamless access promotes the wider adoption and implementation of best practices across the forestry and agriculture sectors. 

Ensure the legacy and future exploitation of project outputs!

As ResAlliance leads the way, it sets an encouraging example for other European projects to use EU-FarmBook for their knowledge-sharing needs. This move towards a unified, user-friendly platform could significantly boost the impact of EU-funded research and innovation projects, fostering greater collaboration and advancing the future of agriculture and forestry innovation across Europe. 

For more information and to explore the newly uploaded factsheets, visit the ResAlliance website or the EU-FarmBook platform. If you participate in an EU-funded initiative and want to enjoy the benefits of EU-Farmbook and its API integration in your project website, do not hesitate to contact EU-FarmBook platform’s technical support!

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ResAlliance ("Landscape resilience knowledge alliance for agriculture and forestry in the Mediterranean basin") is a thematic network project funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe Programme. The aim of the project is to provide foresters and farmers with the knowledge and tools needed to implement innovative landscape resilience solutions in the Mediterranean.