Exploring the future of Latvian forests: insights from the Latvian Forestry Day

Celebrating five years of Latvian National Forest Monitoring, Forestry Day explored how science is shaping the future of Latvia's forests.

Photo: Pexels/Jakkel

On May 16, the Latvian State Forestry Institute “Silava” hosted Latvian Forestry Day at the Science Support Center of the Forest Research Station “Mežmāja.” The event, themed “Stories about Latvian National Forest Monitoring,” drew around 120 participants.

Forest Science Day, an annual forum initiated by Latvian forest scientists since 2012, focuses on sharing the latest forestry research. This year’s theme highlighted the recent completion of a five-year cycle of the Latvian National Forest Monitoring and the start of its fifth cycle. The monitoring data provides a comprehensive view of Latvian forests, detailing wood resources, yield, and health. This information is essential for modeling the future of these forests, projecting scenarios 50 or even 100 years ahead. The event underscored the importance of continuous research and monitoring to sustainably manage and conserve Latvian forests for future generations.

SOURCELatvian State Forestry Institute "Silava"
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