Assessing urban analytics from the space

A new pilot project, URBANA, uses satellites to analyse urban green spaces in European cities. This data will inform urban planning, improve environmental health, and boost energy efficiency.

Blanketed Po Valley. Photo: ESA

URBANA is an innovative pilot project using satellite data to assess and evaluate urban analytics related to the state of the green in different European cities, for better urban planning, environment, health and efficiency. The project consists in designing and implementing the development and verification of urban analytics, and specifically:

  1. Better data for urban planning (Green Asset Assessment such as analysis of urban green data on tree position, species, dimension, structure; Green Asset Evolution; Green Planning such as the Identification of priority and potential areas for new tree planting in urban and peri-urban areas).
  2. Better urban environment and health (Tree Health Assessment – City Parks Quality Assessment; Thermal Stress Assessment; Air pollution Assessment; Environment & Health Assessment; Water Quality Assessment).
  3. Better urban energy efficiency (Cool/Green Roof Planning, Temperature Impact on Energy Grids).

URBANA – Assessing urban analytics from the space for better urban planning, health and energy efficiency – is led by the European Space Agency (ESA) with EFI’s Biocities Facility and GMATICS.

Rome from the satellite. Airbus DS (2023). Processed by ESA.
SOURCEEFI Biocities Facility
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