Needs and expectations towards a European observatory for forests climate change impacts

The FORWARDS project invites you to share your insights through a survey until 15 April 2024.

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The Forwards project develops tools for spatially explicit pan-European projections on forests and for regionalised climate smart forest and restoration roadmaps. As part of this mission, we will set up a European observatory for forests’ climate change impacts. The ForestWard Observatory will not just be another data platform; it aims to serve as an enduring repository of empirical insights crucial for informed decision-making. However, to be able to co-design an observatory that meets diverse user needs, we must better understand current knowledge use and future expectations.

This 15 minutes long survey aims at discovering the needs of the potential users of the ForestWard Observatory. We appreciate your contribution and your valuable insight deserves a reward. Every tenth respondent, who fully answers our survey before 15 April 2024, will receive an Amazon voucher worth 40 euro. Please review the rules of the campaign.

You can find the user need survey here.

For more information please contact Eszter Kelemen.

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