Mediterranean Youth Task Force welcomes second elected Board for 2024

Meet the six talented young forest experts elected to the 2024 MYTF Board and discover how to join the MYTF committees!

Source: Mediterranean Youth Task Force

Silva Mediterranea‘s Youth Task Force (MYTF) recently concluded its second election, marking another milestone in the democratic and transparent functioning of the network. Comprising young professionals, students, and researchers from the Mediterranean region, MYTF plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration and addressing challenges related to Mediterranean forests.

Introducing the 2024 MYTF Board

The Direction Board, responsible for overseeing the overall functioning of the task force and coordinating its various committees and activities, is now led by a new set of talented individuals elected through a democratic voting system. The election process was open to all MYTF members, allowing candidates to run for two positions, presenting their profiles and motivations. Learn more about the six talented young forest experts elected to the 2024 MYTF board:

  1. Hiba Mohammad – Coordinator
    Hiba Mohammad is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Territory, Environment, and Mathematics at the University of Brescia, Italy. She is immersed in research addressing the intricate challenges and impacts of drought on transboundary river basins. Hiba holds an M.Sc. in Forest Science from the University of Padova in Italy and has earned both an M.Sc. and B.S. in Civil Environmental Engineering from Tishreen University in Syria. Beyond her academic achievements, Hiba is the proud founder of the Syrian Youth Parliament of Water. Hiba is committed to fostering open lines of communication to develop a unified, well-informed strategy informed by diverse perspectives. Therefore, she launched her own blog in which she communicates about her personal thoughts on the environmental challenges in Syria and the world.
  2. Idris Oladayo Olanrewaju – Deputy Coordinator
    As the former MYTF Events Coordinator and current Deputy Coordinator for the task force, Idris is deeply committed to fostering youth leadership, advocating for youth employment, and gender equality and women’s empowerment, particularly in the realm of agribusiness. His passion extends to the intricacies of data analytics, monitoring, and evaluation, especially in forestry, environmental conservation, and climate change initiatives. Leveraging his experience and interests, he aspires to drive impactful initiatives that contribute to sustainable development and empower communities to thrive in an ever-changing world.
  3. Satia Ras – Communications Coordinator
    Satia Ras is a dedicated environmentalist and conservationist with a passion for preserving and managing natural resources. He was a former member of the MYTF Communications Committee. Hailing from Indonesia, Satia has been actively involved in the conservation of mangrove forests and Orangutan habitats in his home country. A distinguished member of the Young South East Asia Leaders Initiative (YSEALI), he is dedicated to fostering positive change and leadership development in the region. His diverse skill set spans conservation, ecotourism, communication, and youth empowerment, reflecting his multifaceted approach to environmental stewardship. Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Satia is deeply committed to community service. He generously volunteers his time and expertise to various non-profit organisations, in the Association of SouthEast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Europe.
  4. Giovanna Caramuta – Partnership Coordinator
    Giovanna Caramuta, a licensed forester from Italy with a background in natural resource management, assumed the role of Partnerships Coordinator for her second year. Giovanna is an active member of IFSA and has participated in various international forestry forums.
  5. Zenepfke Dafku – Scientific Coordinator
    Zenepe Dafku, an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania, specialises in environmental and natural resources economics, sustainable rural development, and economic thought. She holds leadership roles in committees of the Cost Action Project Sustainable Use of Salt-affected Lands and the Pan-European Network of Green Deal Agriculture and Forestry Earth Observation Science. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, France, focusing on “Socio-economic local development in protected areas, particularly the Divjaka Karavasta National Park in Albania.” With a Master’s degree in Economy and Agrarian Policy and additional training in entrepreneurship and sustainability, Zenepe’s diverse expertise underscores her dedication to environmental and economic sustainability. She has extensive experience in international training and conferences focused on the environment, natural resources valuation, rural development, and climate change.
  6. João Santos – Event Coordinator
    João is a student of Environmental Engineering at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. He is currently serving as the President of “Green Mind“, which is a well-known environmental organization on campus. João is also a member of Generation Earth Portugal (WWF). Currently, he is working on two research grants, one on wildfires and the other on bioplastics. João is passionate about pursuing advanced studies abroad, particularly in England or Sweden, focusing on sustainable polymers and chemical engineering. In addition, he enjoys programming with Python. His dedication to environmental causes, leadership roles, and technical skills make him a versatile contributor to the fields of sustainability and technology.

Join the MYTF committees

Young people who are interested in actively contributing to our mission are invited to join the committees across five distinct areas:

  • Communications Committee
  • Partnerships Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Scientific Committee
  • Financial Committee

To be considered, register as a member and fill out the application form.The deadline for submission is 31 March, 2024.

Don’t forget to read the MYTF Annual Report to get an overview of the activities of the 2023 MYTF Board and its committees.

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