Forest fires and restoration of burnt areas in Spain

A new report from the Science and Technology office of the Spanish Congress offers valuable insights into prevention, extinction, and post-fire management in Spanish forests.

Forest fires and restoration of burnt areas poster.
Read now this report on forest fires and restoration of burnt areas in Spain. Photo: FECYT.

A new scientific report on forest fires explores the topics of prevention, extinction, and post-fire management in Spain. The report examines the causes of ignition and spread of forest fires, as well as their ecological, social, and economic effects, and also the strategies for prevention, extinction, and post-fire restoration.

The Science and Technology Office (Oficina C) of the Spanish Congress published this report together with other five contextualising and summarising multidisciplinary scientific knowledge on socio-politically relevant topics. To prepare this report, Oficina C joined forces with 18 experts on wildfires, from both national and international organisations, gathering inputs from environmental sciences, engineering, and sociology. Carmen Rodríguez, researcher at the European Forest Institute Governance Programme, contributed to this multidisciplinary work. Specifically, she brought forward the importance of promoting rural development and enhanced urban-rural relations for tackling the wildfire issue.

Discover more and read the full report (in Spanish)!

Full reference

Oficina de Ciencia y Tecnología del Congreso de los Diputados (Oficina C). Informe C: Incendios forestales y restauración de zonas quemadas. (2023)

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