Masterclasses on the Voluntary Carbon Market and its Climate Change Mitigation Potential

16 January - 9 April 2024, online.

MYTF masterclasses
Join the Masterclasses on the Voluntary Carbon Market organised by the MYTF! Photo: Silva Mediterranea.

The Mediterranean Youth Task Force (MYTF) is joining forces with the Youth Skills Hub of the Education Track of the World Food Forum to organise a series of masterclasses exploring the Voluntary Carbon Market and its Climate Change Mitigation Potential.

These masterclasses are open to young students, activists, practitioners, and researchers interested in learning more about the Voluntary Carbon Market. Each of the eight meetings will explore a variety of topics, such as greenhouse gas emissions, carbon registries, standards and methodologies, carbon credits, nature-based climate solution projects, and the Paris Agreement.

Find out all the details about the sessions & discover how to register!

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Silva Mediterranea
Silva Mediterranea is the Committee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions within the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The aim of the entity is to review and examine trends in forestland use, technology, regional developments, and forest management approaches, and to support member nations to formulate and implement national forest policies.