What actions would be needed to restore European forest ecosystems?

An international team of scientists evaluate the prospects of the NRL to be successful in a new Science article.

Forest in need of restoration.
Read this paper investigating the prospects of the Nature Restoration Law! Photo: SUPERB.

In early 2024, the European Parliament will have a final vote on the ‘Nature Restoration Law’ (NRL), a hotly debated regulation that aims to halt and reverse biodiversity loss in Europe.

An international team of scientists including Magda Bou Dagher Kharrat, Principal Scientist at the EFI Mediterranean Facility, in the framework of the SUPERB project has investigated the prospects of the new regulation: how effective is this law going to be and what needs to happen? The article Securing success for the Nature Restoration Law was published on 15 December in the scientific journal Science. 

Read more on SUPERB website!

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