Forest science for people and societal challenges: the 90th “Marin Drăcea” INCDS Anniversary

A series of events organized by INCDS delved into the innovative forest-based bioeconomy, showcasing research advancements and fostering knowledge exchange.


From 4 to 5 October 2023, the “Marin Drăcea” National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry (INCDS) collaborated with the Innovating forest-based bioeconomy project (101094340 – ForestValue2 – HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-ERA-01) to organize three events aligned with the WP6 milestones for the year. These included a webinar, a breakfast club, and a scientific café with two subtopics, all aimed at promoting the project’s goals and fostering knowledge exchange.

These events were organized with the occasion of the International Conference “Forest Science for people and societal challenges” – The 90th “Marin Drăcea” INCDS Anniversary (2- 6 October 2023, Bucharest, Romania) where a special session – Policy, science, and practice together in the field of forest on pan-European scale was dedicated to Forest Value2 Project.

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