Conserving Mediterranean biodiversity: your voice matters

Help conserve the Mediterranean's biodiversity! Share your insights in a 5-minute survey to help shape conservation strategies for the Mediterranean's unique ecosystems.

Photo: Ivan Kmit / Envato

The INTEGRADIV project, with funding from Biodiversa+, focuses on the diverse responses to human perturbations of biodiversity in the Mediterranean forest. By integrating different metrics of biodiversity change (e.g., evolutionary history, traits of species), the project aims to develop guidelines for supporting this ecosystem in the face of global change.

INTEGRADIV’s project team would like to invite you to participate in a short survey (approximately 5 minutes) that will inform its proposed conservation strategies. There will be questions about Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, and Protected Areas so that those priorities can be weighed in the project’s analysis. Your input will be crucial for identifying conservation hotspots in the Mediterranean region that support both biodiversity and the needs of different stakeholders.

Take the survey

Feel free to share this publication with any individual or organization that would be interested in participating in the survey. The deadline for submitting responses is 31 January 2024.

The INTEGRADIV team sincerely appreciates your time and commitment to biodiversity conservation. If you have any questions, please contact Juan Antonio Hernández-Agüero.

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EFIMED is the Mediterranean Facility of the European Forest Institute. Based in Barcelona, Spain, it was launched in 2007.