EFIMED’s November newsletter puts the spotlight on landscape resilience initiatives!

    Photo: EFIMED

    The latest edition of the EFIMED newsletter is out! This November, the newsletter highlights the initiatives and activities of the EU ResAlliance project, which covers different regions of the Mediterranean with the aim of fostering the exchange of best practices and knowledge transfer on landscape resilience between foresters, farmers and policymakers. This issue is a good opportunity to learn more about this project and take a look at its activities, stakeholder network and surveys!

    Explore the many other news, including many open calls and opportunities from our Mediterranean network. You will also find interesting updates on several European projects and blog articles, such as the JRC report on wildfires in the pan-European region during 2022, the 10 scientific recommendations for keeping forests alive developed by CREAF and the latest IUFRO forestry podcast about the relationship between biodiversity and other services forests provide.

    As always, this autumn edition contains many other news and events from the Mediterranean and beyond.

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    Contribute to the next issue!: Contact: Sarah Adams, Editor, EFI Mediterranean Facility, Barcelona.

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    EFIMED is the Mediterranean Facility of the European Forest Institute. Based in Barcelona, Spain, it was launched in 2007.