Mediterranean Youth Task Force second Direction Board: call for applications

Join the Direction Board, and lead the work and efforts of the MYTF for 2024!

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The Mediterranean Youth Task Force is launching the call for applications to fill the roles of its second Direction Board. We invite you to apply or refer qualified youth to be part of this initiative! The call will be open until 5 December 2023.

The Mediterranean Youth Task Force is the youth-branch of the Silva Mediterranea secretariat. It is a self-led group of engaged young people up to 35 years old who are either from or living in the Mediterranean region. Participants are students, researchers, young professionals or those with active roles in the forest sector of the Mediterranean region.

The Direction is responsible for the overall functioning of the Task Force, coordinating all the committees and activities. It represents an opportunity to gain relevant experience and collaborate closely with the Silva Mediterranea Secretariat of FAO and with EFI Mediterranean Facility. These roles will have a one (1) year duration, starting in mid-January 2024.

It consists of the following positions:

  • MYTF Coordinator
  • MYTF Deputy Coordinator
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Partnerships Coordinator
  • Events Coordinator
  • Financial Coordinator
  • Scientific Coordinator

Candidates can apply to two positions only and will be requested to submit a cover letter for each one, stating relevant experience, related skills, why they are the most suitable candidate for each position, and potential plans for the term if elected.

More information and how to apply

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