New paper! Indicating the value of cork

The study tests the feasibility of using specific colour space coordinates and porosity values of virgin cork samples to predict the industrial cork quality and porosity of secondary cork.

Photo: Envato/Ross Helen

“It is urgent to value our native forest and its non-wood forest products, where cork oak and cork have a special place!” – Joana Amaral Paulo, ISA

The work now published by Professor Joana Amaral Paulo looked at the colour and porosity of virgin cork as possible indicators of the industrial quality and porosity of secondary cork, these being the two most relevant criteria for establishing the price of cork material.

This is one of the Centro de Estudos Florestais (CEF)’s research areas, where new questions and opportunities arise every day.

This publication, published in Elsevier’s Industrial Crops and Product magazine, is available in ‘open access’.

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VIAJoana Amaral Paulo
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