Forestry Speed Dating: Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 2

Carbon markets and innovation can be seen as ways to address climate change, by providing economic incentives to reduce emissions and by developing new technologies that are less harmful to the environment, respectively.

Source: EFI Bioregions Facility

The Bioregions Facility cordially invites you to participate in the Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 2 of the Forestry Speed Dating (FSD) 3rd Series on 19 October from 10:00 to 11:30 CEST.

Following the successful kickoff of our Third Forestry Speed Dating series focused on forest carbon markets, featuring Treemetrics and Skoog (view their factsheets here and watch the session here), we’re thrilled to extend an invitation to Unlocking Forest Carbon Markets – Event 2.

This upcoming event will spotlight CarbonStack, Co2Offset, and Ecobase.Earth – three pioneering companies at the cutting edge of innovation and sustainability in the carbon market. These solution providers are actively seeking collaborators, customers, investors, and pilot testers to advance their groundbreaking initiatives.

The Bioregions Facility is a knowledge-led platform on forest-based circular bioeconomy dedicated to achieving inter-regional co-learning and cooperation, supporting and accelerating the development of a sustainable regional bioeconomy in Europe.

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SOURCEEFI Bioregions Facility
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