Become an expert in a FOREST4EU policy focus group!

The deadline to apply as an expert candidate to the Forest4EU policy focus groups is 1 December 2023.


The EU-funded project FOREST4EU is selecting experts to participate in three policy focus groups, whose main objective is to improve the framework conditions for innovation in forestry and agroforestry across Europe.

These three policy focus groups, distributed according to European geographical regions (Central, South-West, and South-East) will contribute to the project objective by providing information and feedback on the results of surveys developed by the project, discussing relevant policy developments at the EU level on innovation in forestry and agroforestry, and making recommendations to EU policy makers.

About the FOREST4EU Policy Focus Groups

The selected experts will compile key recommendations that will then be shared and discussed with policy makers and stakeholders at the EU level.

The multi-level and cross-regional approach to the organisation of the policy focus groups in FOREST4EU facilitates the much-needed dialogue on how European Green Deal and CAP policies affect innovation in forestry and agroforestry.

FOREST4EU collaborates with the ERIAFF network and other European platforms to organise policy focus groups and encourage lesson learning for decision-makers at the EU level.

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