Economic and policy analysis in sustainable forest management: call for submissions

The deadline for manuscript submissions is 30 April 2024.

Source: Forests Journal

Economic and policy analysis plays a crucial role in managing forests, balancing economic growth, environmental conservation, and social welfare. This approach, rooted in 19th-century conservation movements, has evolved to recognize forests’ vital role in preserving ecosystems, addressing climate change, and supporting livelihoods.

Policy analysis must always consider the economic consequences of different forest management strategies, along with their social and environmental impacts. This approach is essential for creating responsible forest management frameworks that involve stakeholders at local, national, and global levels.

Cutting-edge research in this field explores innovative ways to measure the economic value of ecosystem services provided by forests and examines the effectiveness of policy instruments like market-based mechanisms and community-based management models in achieving sustainability. Effective forest management practices directly influence forest growth, enhancing resilience and diversity.

The editors will be honoured to receive your submission for this special issue of Forests until 30 April 2024!

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SOURCEForests Journal
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Panagiotis Koulelis
Panagiotis Koulelis is an associate researcher at the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems located in Athens, Greece. His areas of expertise include sustainable forest management, forest sector modeling, timber industry and trade, forest growth, and the interactions with climate change.