FIRE-RES Open Innovation Challenge info session

Join the discussion on how to apply for the competition and the benefits for the solution providers on Thursday, 14 September.

Source: FIRE-RES

In recent years, Europe has experienced a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of wildfires. These extreme wildfires have resulted in devastating consequences, including the loss of life, destruction of natural habitats, damage to infrastructure, and the release of harmful emissions impacting air quality.

FIRE-RES has opened a new competition for innovators combating Extreme Wildfire Events in Europe. The FIRE-RES Open Innovation Challenge (OIC) is intended for experts, researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and innovators to contribute to tackling wildfires in Europe. Winners will receive funding to continue and scale up the work while connecting with the FIRE-RES Living Labs network.

The challenges

  • Theme 1 – Risk Communication and Awareness
  • Theme 2 – Community Engagement and Empowerment
  • Theme 3 – Stakeholder Training and Education
  • Theme 4 – Monitoring and Early Warning
  • Theme 5 – Forecasting and Decision Support
  • Theme 6 – Extreme Wildfire Events Response and Resources
  • Theme 7 – Policy and Governance Best Practices

Join the FIRE-RES OIC Info Session on 14 September 2023 at 11:00 CEST. The webinar intends to engage with anyone interested in applying for the FIRE-RES OIC by providing valuable insights on how to apply, the documents needed, grants and benefits.

During the info session, it will be discussed how to apply for the competition and the benefits for the solution providers.

On 18 October 2023, a webinar will take place to respond to all your questions and support you in the application process.

If you have any questions, please email

Learn more about the challenge!

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