Empowering Mediterranean youth as agents of change for a sustainable future

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) is supporting several activities aimed at enhancing the potential of young people in the Mediterranean for a sustainable future of the region and the planet, including the European Forest Institute Young Leadership Programme.

Young people holding hands.
Photo: Hannah Busing via Unsplash.

The Mediterranean youth are at the forefront of driving positive change in their region, determined to advance the Sustainable Development Goals and secure a better future for themselves and their communities. Recognising their potential, the UfM is actively engaging up to 100 young participants in the 3rd edition of the Mediterranean Youth Academy (MYA), organised in collaboration with the Mediterranean Youth Foundation for Development next November. The program has a crucial mission: to raise awareness and actively involve youth in addressing pressing Mediterranean issues, notably Climate Change & Climate Justice, Social Inclusion, and Youth Employment. 

Additionally, the UfM is encouraging architecture students to participate in a competition titled “Urban Solutions to Climate Change in the Mediterranean”  and propose innovative and sustainable urban design solutions. 

In collaboration with the European Forest Institute, the UfM is organising the Young Leadership Programme in Barcelona, scheduled to commence in early October. This program has been crafted to provide young professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to land abandonment and the preservation of forests in the Mediterranean region.

Learn more about the Young Leadership Programme – Mediterranean 2023!

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