Open call for global competition on best practices in forest education

Join the Global Forest Education 2.0 Competition and celebrate innovation in teaching about forests. Share pioneering teaching practices developed during COVID-19. Submissions welcome until 30 November 2023.

Source: IFSA

The Joint IUFRO-IFSA Task Force on Forest Education is happy to announce for the second time “The Global Competition on Best Practices in Forest Education” to celebrate and reward the efforts of forestry teachers and professors around the world. The competition seeks to recognize the innovative work of educators teaching about forests and to share these practices with educators, foresters, students, and the general public to promote best practices developed during the COVID-19 pandemic through the present.

Submission deadline: 30 November, 2023

Competition rules

  • Only individuals and self-nominations
  • Individuals should claim intellectual property of the material
  • Pictures and videos of the practice should be attached. Video, if any, can be in the local language with English subtitles and credits to the authors.
  • Submissions can be in English, French, Spanish (UN Languages), and Portuguese
  • Practices should have been implemented in class since 2020, with continued application in post-pandemic education.
  • We will shortlist 6 practices and will announce them before March 21, 2024 (before the International Day of Forests). Two shortlisted practices will be announced as winners.

Selection criteria

  • Full Application
  • Ability to be implemented
  • Replicability of the material
  • Evidence of effectiveness (e.g., students’ evaluation)
  • The submission should be relevant to forest science
  • Full application
  • The submission demonstrates significant innovativeness in teaching concepts of forest science

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