Project MAIA: Maximizing climate change research impact and synergy

The MAIA project connects communities, platforms, knowledge, and research on climate change.

Photo: Iryna Khabliuk

The MAIA project is a European Commission initiative that aims to act as an impact multiplier of climate research projects. It’s funded under the Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 programmes and aspires to make the current diffused knowledge more interoperable, accessible, usable, and rendering the outcomes more economically sustainable.

MAIA, which stands for “Maximising Impact and Accessibility of European Climate Research”, is a three-year-long project that started in September 2022. Its 15 partners are working to interconnect EU-funded climate change research projects that are ongoing together with those that already ended.

An additional goal of the project is to coordinate the Climate Resilience Projects Cluster as well as the technological structures to connect knowledge and promote climate action.

With these activities, the project facilitates the access of a broad range of audiences to research results and collates knowledge related to climate change.

There are various ways for climate research projects to get involved in MAIA activities. Find out how!

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MAIA Project
The MAIA project will provide and implement a set of effective measures that facilitate a wider dissemination, communications, and interconnection of completed and on-going EU climate change research projects.