Deal for Green? Economics and policy for climate neutrality

The conference will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 25 to 27 September 2023.

Photo: Pille Kirsi via Pexels

There is a great demand in society for various (forest) ecosystem services under uncertain conditions. In many parts of the world, the main focus of forests remains on wood products, which have been identified as the main source for the timber industry, energy sector, construction, pulp and paper industry, and households. The increasing demand for wood, combined with the energy and war crises, has caused the price of wood to skyrocket, bringing (again) new uncertainties for its use and supply.

This conference of IUFRO Research Group Managerial economics and accounting and IUFRO Working Party Cross-sectoral policy impacts on forests and environment will address these issues, examining them from a variety of perspectives, including managerial economics, accounting, cross-sector policy analysis, decision making and optimization, operational research, and social and applied sciences.

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