EFI Resilience blog widens focus by looking to the Mediterranean

The European Forest Institute's forest resilience platform launched in 2017 expands its thematic coverage by focusing on the Mediterranean basin and its initiatives linked to landscape resilience and climate change mitigation.

Photo: Freepik / EFIMED

The European Forest Institute’s Resilience Blog, managed by its Resilience Research Programme, has launched a new section for articles covering topics related to Mediterranean landscape resilience and forest-related threats aggravated by climate change in the region.

The present and future challenges facing the countries north and south of the Mediterranean basin are currently being addressed by a wide variety of initiatives, activities, and projects within the forestry community. To give voice to, and expand coverage of this reality, the EFI Resilience Blog has established a new collaboration with the EU-funded ResAlliance project to open up the focus on forest resilience issues and bring other geographical regions into the spotlight.

This new Mediterranean section will have monthly contributions provided by the ResAlliance project consortium of 16 partners, coordinated by the European Forest Institute, as well as occasional posts from the EFI Mediterranean Facility.

The first article, by ResAlliance coordinator Eduard Mauri, is now available and addresses the need to foster knowledge sharing in the Mediterranean through thematic networks to bring research results into the practical field of forestry and agriculture, the mission of the ResAlliance project!

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EFIMED is the Mediterranean Facility of the European Forest Institute. Based in Barcelona, Spain, it was launched in 2007.