IUFRO Forest Podcast explores what stresses forests and how society responds

This episode explores current trends and developments in forestry and research that aim to adapt forests to climate change.

Source: IUFRO

We are excited to present the second episode of Branching Out – The Forest Podcast. Join us as we discuss the topic of strengthening forest resilience and adaptation, and how people, trees and ecosystems adapt and resist to stress!

Jose Bolaños, IUFRO Headquarters, and co-host Ewa Hermanowicz from FSC and Coordinator of IUFRO’s Communication and public relations Working Party, talk with IUFRO officeholders Lucy Amissah from the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana, Mariella Marzano from Forest Research UK, Jens Peter Skovsgaard from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and Congress keynote speaker Andrew Liebhold from the US Forest Service, who together unravel the interplay between climate change and forest health.

Learn about the role of society for the future of forests. Tune in to Branching Out: The Forest Podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts or visit our website to access this episode. And don’t forget to subscribe, share, and join us on this podcasting adventure.

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