Join the FOREST4EU stakeholder network and share your know-how!

The main objective of FOREST4EU is to connect stakeholders involved in forestry and agroforestry to learn about their practices across Europe and to advance knowledge and innovation.


FOREST4EU is an EU-funded project that aims to establish partnerships between forestry and agroforestry stakeholders across Europe. Over the three years of the project (2023-2025), the consortium’s mission is to encourage the engagement of stakeholders in these fields to share their interesting experiences in areas such as wood mobilisation, forest adaptation to climate change, agroforestry, non-wood forest products or sustainable forest management approaches.

The project will collect, share and disseminate knowledge related to these innovations. This will be done by providing dissemination materials adapted and accessible through existing platforms, as well as capacity-building materials developed according to identified regional needs and transferred where the innovation may find new applications.

If you have interesting experiences to share in forestry and agroforestry fields fill in the form and become a stakeholder of FOREST4EU to actively contribute and participate in the activities of our project.


FOREST4EU started in January 2023 and is led by the University of Florence, Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry, with 17 partners from 9 countries. FOREST4EU outputs and activities (including international and national workshops) will benefit forestry and agroforestry practitioners as well as policy makers by providing valuable input on how to refine regional policies, funding opportunities, and specific EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) measures.

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