Technodiversity: e-learning tools for forest operations support

The project addresses the technological diversity by gathering a common basis of technological knowledge and increasing the sensitivity for diversity in forest engineering.

Photo: Wirestock/Technodiversity

Forest operations have the tendency to replace traditional specialization with standard protocols, with little regard for local diversity in environment, climate, and societal needs. The consequence is increasing damage to stands and soils and declining knowledge about traditional solutions that have been developed from experience. The project acknowledges the large and valuable variety of local conditions and promotes a better sensitivity to technological diversity.

Technodiversity: Harmonising European education in forest engineering by implementing an e-learning platform to support adaptation and evaluation of forest operations is an Erasmus+ programme of the European Union for higher education. With the help of teaching modules, scientific audio visuals, lectures and a glossary, the content will be available to the students as an e-learning course with exercise and examination units. The course will be recognized by forest faculties in Europe and integrated with 10 ECTS in the forest master curriculum, and support mobility for students on master’s level of education. In addition, it can also be used as a further training unit for forestry practitioners.

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