PEFC Spain and Sylvestris Group team up to foster sustainable forest management and CO2 absorption

The two organisations agree to undertake joint projects for the sustainability of Spanish forests, as well as to create a methodology to certify CO2 absorption within the PEFC System.

Enrique Enciso, CEO of Grupo Sylvestris and Ana Belén Noriega, General Secretary of PEFC España. Photo: PEFC España/Grupo Sylvestris

PEFC España (Spanish Association for Sustainable Forestry) and Grupo Sylvestris, two leaders in sustainable forestry management and environmental conservation have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of undertaking joint projects for the sustainability of Spanish forests, as well as creating a methodology to certify CO2 absorption within the PEFC System. This alliance is a milestone in the fight against climate change and encouraging the responsible use of forestry resources.

The agreement establishes a series of projects in which both entities will work together, such as the analysis of certified areas in which plantings promoted by Sylvestris have been carried out, the restoration of certified areas damaged by fire or pests, and the study of the possible development of a methodology for certifying the absorption of CO2.

On the other hand, Sylvestris is committed to collaborate with PEFC Spain in the promotion of the certification of forest lands in which it carries out plantings, in order to guarantee their long-term management and to provide information on PEFC forest certification to forest managers.

In addition, both parties agreed to establish a joint communication strategy to disseminate the SYLVESTRIS-PEFC España agreement, within the Motor Verde initiative, promoting the agreement as an alliance.

Photo: PEFC España/Grupo Sylvestris

To summarise, the signing of this collaboration agreement between PEFC España and Grupo Sylvestris is of great importance for the forestry sector and fight against climate change. The joint efforts and collaboration between both bodies will allow projects to be undertaken to benefit forests, the environment and society as a whole. This agreement highlights the importance of cooperation between different actors in the field of sustainability and conservation of natural resources, and lays the foundations for a greener and more sustainable future.

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