Mediterranean Youth launch new channels for communication!

Don't miss the opportunity to follow the Mediterranean Youth Task Force on its newly inaugurated social media!

Mediterranean Youth Task Force participants.
Follow the Mediterranean Youth Task Force (MYTF) on Social Media! Photo: MYTF.

What better time than Earth Day to launch the social media accounts of a network of young people actively engaged in the forest sector of the Mediterranean region?

The Mediterranean Youth Task Force (MYTF), supported by FAO’s Silva Mediterranea secretariat and the European Forest Institute’s Mediterranean Facility (EFIMED), aims to create an inclusive space for capacity building, knowledge sharing, and youth empowerment. It is composed of young students, researchers and professionals who are from, living, working or studying in the Mediterranean region.

To celebrate Earth Day 2023 on 22 April, with the theme “Invest in our Planet”, MYTF launched its Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. These accounts will be a platform for youth to share their work, thoughts, ideas and photos, in addition to supporting other organizations and creating partnerships.
An interactive campaign was launched, where both members and board coordinators designed social media cards with their insights; remarkably youth showed a strong sense of responsibility towards the planet, highlighting the importance of small actions, urging people to discover the hidden beauty in nature and shedding light on the conservation of different ecosystem components to achieve a sustainable life and a green Earth.

Earth Day is a reminder that we all share a responsibility of protecting the planet by taking action and advocating for change. Therefore all youth involved in Mediterranean forests are invited to join MYTF on their journey to empower and amplify the voices of youth. Together, we can make a positive impact!

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Silva Mediterranea
Silva Mediterranea is the Committee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions within the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The aim of the entity is to review and examine trends in forestland use, technology, regional developments, and forest management approaches, and to support member nations to formulate and implement national forest policies.