5th International Non-Wood Forest Products Symposium

The online event will be hosted by the Faculty of Forestry of Bartin University, on 27-28 September, 2023.

Photo: Bartin University, Faculty of Forestry

Non-wood forest products (NWFP), which have been used directly in different parts of world for centuries and provide input to many important sectors e.g. cosmetic, pharmacy, are also an important element of UN Sustainable Development Goals. On behalf of the organizing committee, the Faculty of Forestry of Bartin University would like to invite you to the 5th International Non-Wood Forest Products Symposium, to be held on 27-28 September, 2023. The event will provide an international area for scientists, researchers, industry, practitioners, and non-governmental organizations to discuss NWFP from different aspects.

Papers presented at the symposium will be included in the online full-text proceedings book as a result of peer review, and selected papers will be published in journals indexed by the article acceptance process. The symposium meets the conditions of associate professorship and academic incentives.

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