Spanish forests: key in fighting climate change and for corporate climate neutrality

Experts and companies met at the "Forestry Climate Solutions" event to discuss the importance of sustainable forest management and offsetting emissions.

Susana Posada, Javier Carbajo, Alvaro Colino, Cristina Urrutia, Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado. Photo: FBYCC

The “Forestry Climate Solutions: Spanish forests, carbon sinks for corporate climate neutrality” event was held in Madrid on 16 March. Experts and companies gathered to discuss the importance of sustainable forest management and emissions compensation in the fight against climate change. The event’s host, Arturo Larena (EFEVerde), emphasized that approximately 61% of Spain’s total emissions come from diffuse sectors, but carbon footprint compensation in the country is still residual, with great potential for growth.

The event was structured into three debate panels moderated by Susana Posada, vice president of the Spanish Association of Sustainability Managers (DIRSE); Juan Picos, director of the Forestry School of the University of Vigo; and Rodrigo Gómez, partner and head of sustainability at AUREN. The participants discussed the strategic policies needed to achieve reforestation goals, the value and certification of forest management, and the potential benefits of collaboration between the forestry and business sectors.

Spain’s reforestation rate of 20,000 hectares per year was considered by some to be insufficient given the urgency of the climate crisis. However, the country has the resources, territory, and skilled professionals necessary to make progress towards carbon neutrality and sustainability. The speakers stressed the need for sustainable and long-term investment in forest management to create stable links between the industry and the areas of intervention, generating rural activity spaces, conserving forests, and leveraging Spain’s valuable forest heritage. They also emphasized that Spain’s forests represent a significant progress towards corporate climate neutrality.

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SOURCEForo de Bosques y Cambio Climático
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