Healing journeys in the calm city of Güdül

The project seeks to protect nature, maintain culture and ensure sustainable forest management, biodiversity, and human and rural development.

Photo: Calm city of Güdül healing road project

Güdül district, the first calm city of Ankara, the capital of Turkey, draws attention to Sorgun Pond Nature Park suitable for ecotourism, forested areas, Kirmir Stream, Süvari Stream, İlhan Stream, and natural life producers.

Supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Program (SGP) Turkey, the Calm City Güdül Healing Road Project is carried out by Ankara – Besler Healing Workshop with Aromatherapy and Ecotourism Working Groups.

The project aims to increase the capacity of medicinal and aromatic growers and wildlife producers on the healing path. Through ecotourism activities and implementing a fair city, it seeks to protect nature, maintain culture and ensure sustainable forest management, biodiversity enrichment, and sustainable human and rural development based on local units.

In the project, “Medicinal Products Workshops” were organized within the scope of aromatherapy, and “Natural Life Trainings and Workshops” and “Natural Life Walks” were organized in villages within the scope of ecotourism. Şirdan cheese and sourdough bread workshop training were attended by 25 people from the villages and an average of 450 people participated in natural life online training. The project will continue with Ecotourism, Medicinal Aromatic Plant Growing, and Natural Life Training.

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