EU-FarmBook Platform Day

EU-FarmBook aims to become a superior and accessible digital repository platform for sharing knowledge from EU-funded projects on agriculture and forestry.

Eduard Mauri (EFIMED) presenting his experience working with knowledge repositories. Photo: EFIMED

The first EU-FarmBook Platform Day gathered stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and barriers to sharing digital knowledge on agriculture and forestry with the people who use it.

The event, held on 21 February 2023, was a first opportunity to bring together key actors involved in EU-funded projects, national AKIS and members of European Commission aiming to optimise the interoperability of digital knowledge sharing. EU-FarmBook, as well as other Horizon Europe projects, the CAP-network, and national networks, aim to foster a digital community for sharing agriculture and forestry knowledge.

During the event Eduard Mauri (EFIMED) presented his experience working with the Knowledge repository for non-wood forest products from the INCREDIBLE project (coordinated by EFIMED), the Knowledge platform for regional forest innovation from the ROSEWOOD 4.0 project and other project-specific repositories. Eduard highlighted the need of using existing first-class platforms to store and reuse knowledge. The EU-FarmBook aims to be this first-class, user-friendly digital platform for gathering and sharing practical knowledge from EU-funded projects on agriculture and forestry.

EU-FarmBook is funded by Horizon Europe, working at regional, national, and European level, to build a Digital Platform, gathering and sharing agriculture and forestry knowledge, based on a co-creation approach and built on outputs from the EURAKNOS and EUREKA projects.

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EFIMED is the Mediterranean Facility of the European Forest Institute. Based in Barcelona, Spain, it was launched in 2007.