International Day of Forests 2023: call for video translations

Submission deadline: 28 February

Photo: FAO

For this year’s International Day of Forests (IDF), FAO Forestry has produced a 60-second video for the Day. It is available in Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese, to be broadcast by many international news outlets.

Source: FAO

If you would like to receive a different language version of the video, using sub-titles, please send us a translation of the script (76 words). Sub-titled language versions are free but full voiceover versions can also developed at a cost of 1,000 euros, if desired. Broadcast-quality versions are also available if this would be of interest to national broadcasters.

Please email your translation request to by 28 February.

Thank you in advance for helping International Day of Forests promotion.

Download the script

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