New Resin Data Observatory from GORESINLAB

The observatory will provide information on prices and the market situation so that end-users can make decisions based on the profitability of the activity in each forest.

Photo: GoResinLab

The Operational Group Resinlab (GO-RESINLAB) recently established a new Resin Data Observatory. The observatory collects information on the activity of resin production, the industry, and the market and will allow resin producers and owners to make the best decisions with a better knowledge of the situation of the sector at any given moment.

The platform is completed with information on the trade balance and the international market and will be advised by a group of scientific, technical, and management experts.

This initiative is intended to bring transparency to a key sector in the sustainable forest management of Pinus pinaster stands and is key to the generation of income in some Spanish rural provinces. Given that all the information will be accessible on a web portal, the observatory will also allow resin producers and owners to make the best informed decisions.

Read more about this initiative (in Spanish)