EFIMED webinar series provides rich foundation for future research

EFIMED's November webinar series has concluded, providing a fantastic starting point from which to take further discussion and collaboration at the first EFI Mediterranean Network Forum.

MFRA Webinars

The EFIMED November series of weekly webinars explored the main themes of the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda (MFRA) 2030 in fascinating detail. Led by our expert authors, with insights from attendees from around the Mediterranean and beyond, we explored the themes of ecosystem services, resilience, genetic resources, and bioeconomy & social innovation in relation to Mediterranean forest management. We looked at the research priorities identified in the agenda and how these can be implemented across the Mediterranean.

In the first webinar (3 November), participants enjoyed a highly interactive session discussing how forest management can address trade-offs and synergies between multiple ecosystem services. The session built on a presentation by Davide Travaglini based on an article by Nocentini, Travaglini and Muys.

The second webinar (10 November) explored the topic of forest resilience in a context of global-change related forest disturbances. Joan Pino gave the presentation based on an article by Peñuelas and Sardans.


Conservation and management of biodiversity and forest genetic resources was the topic of the third webinar in our series (17 November). Bruno Fady presented a bibliometric analysis carried out by a large team to generate a dialogue on knowledge gaps on this topic.

The series ended with a dynamic presentation by Laura Secco on a forthcoming paper on how social and business innovations and policy instruments can be used to implement the Mediterranean forest-based bioeconomy (23 November).

The webinars provide a rich and essential preparation for the EFI Mediterranean Network Forum 2022 held in Barcelona from 29 November to 1 December where the MFRA 2030 is launched. Participants from around the region come together at the Forum to see how we can put this knowledge into action and support our Mediterranean forests to thrive.

Explore the resources from all four webinars!

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EFIMED is the Mediterranean Facility of the European Forest Institute. Based in Barcelona, Spain, it was launched in 2007.