What are the main challenges faced by the urban forestry sector in Europe?

A new publication from the Uforest projects identifies the challenges for European urban forestry.

urban forest
Photo: Uforest

The “Blueprint for Innovation in Urban Forestry” produced by Uforest provides a comprehensive overview of the main challenges faced by the European urban forestry sector. This report is necessary because, as the benefits and especially the need of urban forests are being increasingly recognised, the road to the realisation of such projects is often full of bumps and obstacles.

Uforest is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. During the last few months, the Uforest team produced 20 case studies on innovative urban forestry initiatives around Europe. The aim was to better understand the current framework in which urban forestry projects are implemented and how innovation grows. Through literature review and case studies analyses, the “Blueprint for Innovation in Urban Forestry” identifies 7 main challenges.  

Download the full Blueprint for Innovation in urban foresty and learn more!

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