Mountains and their sustainable management are leading aspects of the Way of St James

Through its "PEFC on the French Way" project, PEFC Galicia highlights the rural environment to pilgrims, as part of an initiative of the Galician government's O Teu Xacobeo programme.

Camino de Santiago
Photo: PEFC Spain

PEFC Galicia, the Galician Association for the Promotion of Forest Certification, presented its “PEFC on the French Way” project – an initiative that forms part of the Galician government’s O Teu Xacobeo programme.

The aim of “PEFC on the French Way” is to continue the work of last year’s “Finisterre Way” project and to address the other routes to Santiago over the next few years.

This initiative introduces pilgrims and society to the importance of forests both locally and globally. The Way and the Mountains have been closely linked in Galicia over the centuries, generating their own unique culture, traditions and nature.

The Way is the guiding thread that reveals aspects of the Galician rural landscape, type of property, uses and work in the mountains, the importance of forests in the natural environment and trees in the cities, legends, place names, and so on.

You can find out more information in Galician, Spanish and English by scanning the QR code on postcards and posters at hostels and other information points or via the website.

Photo: PEFC Spain.

The mountains form part of the Galician people’s culture and uniqueness. Seventy percent of Galicia is forested, which means that, in one way or another, it forms part of people’s lives, shapes their landscape, provides work, fosters settled populations in rural areas and offers recreation and contact with nature for wellbeing. It also provides food and renewable raw materials, conserves the soil and stored water, offers shelter for flora and fauna, and helps combat against climate change.

The PEFC seal is the official mark for all products (wood, paper, resin, cork, chestnuts, honey, mushrooms, biomass, textiles, and so on) that come from certified forests. It provides assurance that they have been sustainably managed and used, and that they can be traced throughout the whole forest chain right up to the end consumer.

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PEFC Spain is a non-profit organisation, founded by public organisations, private and public forest owners, private industries and professional organisations to provide a forest certification instrument that is adapted to a European context and meets the needs of owners to flexibly implement ecologically appropriate management.