Bosquescuela: what’s new this autumn!

The autumn season brought important news for Bosquescuela, including forest bathing events and a new website design.

Kids in Bosquescuela
Photo: Bosquescuela

Just as trees and nature now change colour in preparation for autumn, the Bosquescuela website has also received a new coat of paint: a new, clearer homepage design has been created! But more on this later, first let’s discuss what’s new this autumn.

The Programa Superior Universitario in Barcelona has started with modules like:

  • Nature as a Classroom
  • Spontaneous Outdoor
  • Play Communication and Authority
  • Outdoor math
  • Outdoor literacy
  • Visit to Bosquescuela Cerceda in Madrid

There are still places available! If you want to start and are interested in knowing how and when the activities will take place, read more on the programme page.

Baño de Bosque for kids

Knowing how to swim is not necessary to experience forest bathing in a wonderful place with Bosquescuela! For only 5 euros per family, you will give your children a great experience and at the end they will get to know the Jeroni de Murtra Monastery in Badalona. Discover how to partecipate!

Bosquescuela homepage has a new design

The new Bosquescuela website awaits you with a clearer and more appealing design. As usual, you will be able to find all the information about the projects underway in Barcelona, the methodology and pedagogy, and the concept of a school in the forest for children aged 3 to 6. Feel free to inform yourself visiting our website!

Photo: Bosquescuela.

We are looking forward to meeting you personally and telling you much more than is possible in writing: come to the Programa Superior Universitario and sign up your children for Forest School! We hope to see you soon!

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Claudia Meindorfer (Bosquescuela)
Claudia Meindorfer leads the Bosquescuela initiative in Serralada de Marina (Barcelona). Bosquescuela is an initiative that promotes Outdoor Education and inspires new approaches to early childhood education in Spain. Bosquescuela aims to modernise the education system and offer society a type of education based on a sustainable model with nature as learning environment.