Bosquescuela: back to school…in nature!

Spain's Bosquescuela initiative (forest schools) is organising a series of "Higher University Programme" seminars from 22 October 2022 to 9 February 2023 in Barcelona.

Children at Bosquescuela
Photo: Bosquescuela

It has been a hot summer in Barcelona, but it didn’t stop Bosquescuela from continuing to work on its projects! Bosquescuela had a great event for World Cleanup Day. On this occasion, the organisers had the opportunity to share the philosophy of a Bosquescuela while the children had fun cleaning. Afterwards, the children had a great time with the donkeys of ‘Rucs de la Serralada’, concluding with some upcycling activities.

If you missed World Cleanup Day, Bosquescuela will be happy to tell you more about the methods and pedagogy at one of our next events (published on our homepage, social media and on Meetup). Moreover, you can take part in the “Programa Superior Universitario” seminars, which will take place between 22 October 2022 and 9 February 2023 in Barcelona. These events will not only provide useful information but also allow you to participate directly and immerse yourself in the world of a Bosquescuela!

Photo: Bosquescuela.

This “Programa Superior Universitario” (Higher University Programme, in English) represents a new training opportunity in a methodology that respects the learning pace of children and has a very strong link with the natural environment. This training activity is aimed at anyone who feels the need to change, evolve, learn, grow and bring nature and its benefits closer to children.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • Learning about an approved and regulated education model.
  • Experiencing the immense variety and possibilities offered by nature.
  • Getting to know and reflect on Bosquescuela values, theoretical foundations, and methodology.

This training methodology combines the theoretical development of the pedagogical proposals of free education with spaces and activities of active and experimental participation. The programme is structured in seven training modules that include, among others:

  • Nature as a classroom
  • Spontaneous outdoor
  • Play communication and authority
  • Outdoor mathematics
  • Outdoor literacy
  • Visit to Bosquescuela Cerceda in Madrid

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Claudia Meindorfer (Bosquescuela)
Claudia Meindorfer leads the Bosquescuela initiative in Serralada de Marina (Barcelona). Bosquescuela is an initiative that promotes Outdoor Education and inspires new approaches to early childhood education in Spain. Bosquescuela aims to modernise the education system and offer society a type of education based on a sustainable model with nature as learning environment.